Industry: Business News

Founded: 2015

Spotlight’ is a new-age media platform that focuses on the journey of start-ups, mid-sized companies, and corporate giants. Our guiding principle is unreserved, yet responsible expression of opinion on matters that concern corporate India.

We have tracked the rise and rise of many companies, while also witnessing the fall of many more.  This has given us a wider, wholesome perspective on their strengths and weaknesses, equipping us with the ability to report and comment with authority.

Our audience-focused content, constructed and reported by young, professional minds, has made regular impact. We evoke reactions, both kind and not so kind, from our readers, making us truly dynamic. Spotlight reporters interact with business leaders and emerging entrepreneurs to get a sense of their policies and business decisions, as well as their secret to success. This gives us deeper understanding of the matter.

We also don’t shy away from encouraging start-ups, giving them suitable space in our stories. It’s our own way of expressing social responsibility.

The editorial team at Spotlight possesses powerful insights, and is driven by a burning desire to compel people to sit up and take notice. Our stories are unique in their approach, presenting facts, opinions and ideas in equal measure.